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Project Description
Port of Frotz from C to C#.

- Currently a raw port of C-code to C#, so all of the Z-machine code is internal static.
- Has a WPF front end with fixed-width and proportional fonts.
- Can play all of the Infocom games, including the graphics ones, although the graphic font will not display correctly.
- Sound is implemented for Sherlock, but not tested for anything else.
- Implemented all features of Frotz, including hot keys, transcripting and record & playback of commands.

- Built on VS 2010. Requires .NET 4.0 runtime.
You can find that here:

You can get copies of the original Zork games from Infocom's web site:

You can find lots of Interactive Fiction at the Interactive Fiction Database: (Z-Machine Interpreter games only)

Also, the Interactive Fiction Archive: (zcode games only)

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